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Products of high quality, with respect for environment

The company PLASTIC HELLAS has been trading for 25 years in production of plastic bottles, offering high quality services with responsibility and professionalism.

In the company PLASTIC HELLAS, having long experience and high technical knowledge, we have established as one of the most important significant companies in the industry in the northern Greece.

With criterion in production of products with high specifications we allocate state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and well-trained staff. Furthermore, we use only high quality raw materials. Therefore, we ensure the production of high quality products that they respond entirely in businessmen’s and costumer’s needs.

We specialize in production of plastic bottles PET, polythinelian bottles and relevant products and also we have the ability to manufacture and promote new types and designs according to costumer’s requirements.

In our company plastic bottles PLASTIC HELLAS we have as goal the evolution of our services and products that we provide through our constant effort for modernization and  the develop a long-term partnership with customers.

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Our raw materials and our products are high quality, and also they have all the necessary certificates of suitability for food.

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Our priority is the diligence towards our customers without delays in our products deliveries.



Our specialized staff will be happy to contact you to answer any of yours questions.

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The company PLASTIC HELLAS, based in Thessaloniki, has been active in production of plastic bottles since 1996. The possibility of immediate service, the excellent quality of the products and the meeting of the costumers’ requirements place the company in a high position in the market.

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Our plastic bottles are produced in variety of designs and types, while we have the ease of manufacturing and promoting new types and designs, according to the needs of our customers.

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We have a rich palette in colors and designs of caps that will meet your every need.

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The PET or polyethylene terephthalate is an ideal material for food packaging and not only. It is a transparent, extremely strong plastic, inert and thermostable, which does not allow harmful substances to enter its contents. PET is preferred by costumers thanks to its light weight, low cost and durability. In addition it is sealed and the main thing is recyclable material.


The company PLASRIC HELLAS respects and contributes in every way to the protection of the environment. As a company in production of plastic products, we recognize our responsibility towards the environment and for this reason we have made sure that all our products are recycled to 100%. At the same time, we entrust the recycling of our solid waste resulting from the production process to a recycling company approved by the Greek state. We always strive for innovative solutions and renewal of our mechanical equipment so that the energy consumed from the production process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

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