Get to know us!

“What characterizes our company is the development in the field of production and marketing of plastic bottles and related products, with the aim of satisfying any need of our customers.”

The above philosophy is followed by our company PLASTICS HELLAS from its first steps that started in 1996. This philosophy is what made our company, in a short time, synonymous with quality and gave us the opportunity to offer our customers durable and functional products.

Today, PLASTICS HELLAS has been established in the consciousness of our customers and partners as one of the most serious, quality, reliable, dynamic and innovative companies producing plastic bottles in Northern Greece.

HELLAS PLASTICS create plastic bottles in various designs to meet the needs of each of our customers. At the same time, they offer the possibility of making new designs and colors, by arrangement.

Our company guarantees that our products are suitable for both food and chemical products, with certificates of suitability from an approved chemist of the Greek State.